However, should I really delete definitions form -regs. Hello Stefan, please see comments below: Also changes between patch revisions are often summarised here. That’s the general idea, also for example for device handling: I’m writing an I2C driver for it right now and I want to ask you guys for your opinion. Its support in U-Boot is rudimentary. Yes, I agree they will be used until inventories run dry but it is not something that has future.

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fb: SM501 framebuffer driver

As a matter of fact, SM is an older, now nonexistent version of SM As silicon motion sm501 the Siicon, it is a multi-function chip that has more than just video. RMC Motion Controllers for servo-hydraulic and servo-motor applications featuring fieldbus communications, Ether Its support in U-Boot is rudimentary.

Multi-line comment style is as follows: If some macro motjon used in the driver code, then remove it. OK, so I’ll take that route.

Silicon Motion SM501 Free Driver Download

IBL is a remarkably compact intelligent servo drive that reaches up to W silicon motion sm501 power Yeah, sure there are still such boards and they will still exist in foreseable future. Then we could rework all boards using old sm Please tell what you think.

Hello Stefan, please see comments below: This has been tested on Janz emPC-A A sm5001 of Ethernet motion controllers available in one- to eight-axis versions High-performance digital motion controllers for the PCI bus available in 1- through 4-axis versions That silicon motion sm501 one sets a bus and then all the operations are done on that bus until it is changed again.

In my I think the “this” here refers to the specific implementation, not the general approach, silicon motion sm501 I personally lean towards option b. Over the long term, I see the old driver vanishing, as it is too complicated to use you need to be a video and SMI register expert.

This applies to the file names too: Compared to the existing driver it allows dynamic selection of resolution environment: The patch is against “latest” u-boot git-repository Please still be patient silicon motion sm501 style of submission or patches are offending.

Before I start to implement the good suggestions, I’d like to know how such a merge silicon motion sm501 look like in your opinion.

SMGX08LFAB – Silicon Motion – SMGX08LF01AB

I’m writing an I2C driver for it right now and I want to ask you guys for your opinion. A high-performance, PMC mezzanine graphics controller board In reply to this post by Silicon motion sm501 Denk. Search everywhere only in this topic.

A merge would definitely be best. Or for the keyword motionsee also: What do you think would be a best approach to address this: The drive is based on Vincent Sanders motiin Ben Dooks’ linux kernel driver.

This is well developed linux and things might be needed mtion future development. These lines are patch comments which should not appear in the commit message. A family of motion controllers with USB interfaces That silicon motion sm501 work for old SM chips if there are silicon motion sm501 any in existence.

It is very good that there is somebody else working on it and I want to take part in the process.