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Items to Look at When Choosing Stone Crabs
Stone crabs are mostly found along the coastline of Florida. The stone crabs have a harder she’ll when compared to the other crabs. The countries where the stone crabs live have placed some restrictions on the amount of stone crabs that are to be caught in a particular day or season. This ensures that people can get a constant supply of these stone crabs although in small quantities. Stone crabs are prepared diverse ways since each person has a preference on the method of preparation of the stone crabs. When you want to cook the stone crab you need to break the shell with a mallet, lobster cracker or the back of the knife for experts. The cooking involves steaming the stone crab once it has been in the fridge for a few hours to drain the water. There are those who prefer to cook it in the conventional way instead of steaming. Stone crabs are loved by many people due to the meat beneath the shell which makes is tasty.
The stone crab claws are available in different sizes and you select depending on the size you want. The claws of the stone crabs are mainly jumbo, colossal, medium and large size. The restrictions placed on the harvesting the stone crabs allows the claws to be taken. It is only those stone crabs that have fully matured and nearing their lifespan can be harvested as a whole. The claws are harvested because the stone crabs can regenerate the claws. The stone crabs size will offer the tasty meat you require for the seasons when the stone crabs claws are harvested. May to October is when stone crabs are mainly cracked or harvested in large quantities. When you prepare the stone crabs claws with marinated sauce you get to enjoy the meat depending on the size you have chosen. The claws of stone crabs have nutritious vitamins and minerals that you need in your body, this is why you need to take some stone crabs claws at least every year. Don’t let the prices deny you from getting to taste the stone crabs and gain the minerals and vitamins.
Choosing the stone crab claws depends on the price per pound of each stone crab claws size. It is crucial that you should understand the price per pound of the stone crab claws. The price per pound of each stone crabs claws will assist you in knowing how many crab claws you may need during the harvesting season. This will help you enjoy the crab claws all season since you have purchased in bulk.


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